Welcome to Bakers Box Me!

Bakers Box Me is a retail shop of cake boxes, pastry boxes, cupcake boxes, cake drums, cake boards, silicone moulds, fondant, tin can, baking pan and other cake decorating supplies and tools.

We offer not only cake boxes and accessories, but we also have a wide selection of quality silicone moulds at affordable prices

9 years in review…

We started as home bakers creating cakes and baked goods for our loved ones.

To offer an affordably-priced cake boxes are what pushed us to source our own high-quality but affordable cake packaging and cake decorating supplies.

From our dedication of finding cheap boxes, we were able to grow and help our customers grow their businesses who were also looking for that high-quality but fairly priced cake packaging and decorating supplies.

Our dream and passion that started 9 years ago are now serving talented and amazing businesses, home bakers, cake creators, cake artists, dessert shops across UAE.

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